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Jeffco Deeper Learning Model

The Jeffco Deeper Learning Model is a balanced approach to deeper learning: a strengthening of the focus on transforming the student learning experience in the presence of Jeffco Generations Skills.

The teaching and learning process must also ensure each student reaches outcomes aligned with Colorado Academic Standards. These standards are expectations defined by the state of what students need to know and be able to do at the end of each grade.

Jeffco Learning Model graphic

In Jeffco, we believe students need it all - both an experience-based education where they learn and practice important skills for their future AND a strong base of factual content knowledge. 

Toward that end, we are introducing an expanded level of instructional supports and resources for our schools that we call the Jeffco Deeper Learning Model.

The model includes four parts:

(the design of authentic tasks and experiences and the alignment of those with state content standards)

(the delivery of those tasks as learning experiences for students)

Assess (formative measures of how students are doing toward mastering both skills and content)

Reflect (intentional time and space for teachers and students to consider their strength and growth areas).

Students in a STEM labThe Jeffco Deeper Learning Model (Plan, Teach, Assess, Reflect) may look different in implementation within individual buildings and that’s by design. The Jeffco Deeper Learning Model represents good instruction and a quality improvement cycle that can be held up for any kind of school. It represents good professional practice when it comes to teaching and learning.

We believe that teaching and learning have to profoundly change (and continue to evolve) as the world we are preparing our children for continues to change. And, we believe all students should be able to work against a challenging set of academic expectations and be supported in reaching those standards. At its core, the Jeffco Learning Model was formulated and will continue to evolve with these objectives in mind.

We are dedicated to achieving these outcomes by transforming student learning experiences enriched with authentic tasks and aligned assessments to validate content mastery. Permeating our work is a commitment to equity where each student has access to high-quality learning and opportunities throughout Jeffco.
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