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Student Resources

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This page is to provide information and resources to help support students succeed during remote learning. Please contact your teacher or principal with any questions or concerns you may have or if you are in need of a Chromebook.

Remember, Jeffco cares about YOU!

Google Apps Update

What is the issue:
Google is sun-setting the 2018 version of the apps listed below. Users will need to update these Google Apps by August 12, 2020.

  • Classroom iOS app
  • Docs iOS apps
  • Drive iOS apps
  • Gmail iOS app
  • Sheets iOS apps
  • Slides iOS apps
  • Drive File Stream desktop app
Solution: Make sure you have updated all of the apps above. Go to Self-service and reinstall the app. This will give you the newest/latest version of the application.

ATTENDANCE, GRADING, Graduation, & More

How will attendance/student engagement be tracked during remote learning?

Student Engagement Reporting During Remote Learning

Because of our new learning environment, we are adjusting the metric for measuring attendance and engagement to better align with this new learning model. This includes the following guidelines:

- Teachers are expected to monitor/track student engagement on a daily basis.
- Schools will verify each student’s engagement for the week in Infinite Campus by the following Monday.
- An absence recorded during this remote learning period indicates a student has not engaged in remote learning within the week.
- The attendance autodialer has been turned off; families will not receive attendance calls.
- Principals will be responsible for ensuring teachers are monitoring/tracking student engagement on a daily basis and ensuring student engagement is verified in Infinite Campus on a weekly basis.

What will the grading system be during remote learning?

- High Schools
The grade a student earned as of the grading period concluding prior to March 13, 2020 (the day before our first week of remote learning), will serve as the lowest possible grade a student can receive for this semester as long as students continue to participate (*see below for more on participation). The specific determination of this grading period will be a school-based decision (examples include quarters, trimesters, semesters). Students will be able to improve upon this grade for the remainder of this semester. Additionally, a student can work with the school principal, or designee, to move their grade to a credit/no credit indicator on the transcript. For this semester, all F grades will be transcribed as “no credit;" seniors will need to work with their principal, or designee, before May 1. All other students currently enrolled in high school can initiate the credit/no credit option up until June 5.

There are a few exceptions in high school concurrent and dual enrollment classes. Please refer to your school for more information.

- Middle Schools
Student engagement with teachers and academics during this time is the foundation of remote learning practices at the middle school level, and we know students will continue to engage in remote learning for the remainder of this school year. To that end, the grade a student earned as of the grading period concluding prior to March 13, 2020 (the day before our first week of remote learning), will serve as the lowest possible grade a student can receive for this semester as long as the student continues to participate (*see below for more on participation). The specific determination of this grading period (examples include quarters, trimesters, semesters) will be a school-based decision. Students will be able to improve upon this grade for the remainder of this semester by participating in remote learning. Definitions of participation should include demonstrating progress towards mastery of content standards.

- Elementary Schools 
For the first two trimesters, elementary students received report cards prior to shifting to remote learning. Since the shift, and for the duration of the third trimester, students and teachers have exclusively engaged in remote learning. Because of this shift, grading for the remainder of this academic year will focus on more qualitative feedback from teachers. The end of year report card will note in the comment section the progress the student has made in meeting remote learning expectations during the third trimester. Additionally, the report card will note if the student will be promoted to the next year's grade.

- Charter and Innovation Schools
Each charter school will determine its own grading policy in collaboration with their leadership teams, and information about grading will be communicated to families by each charter school.

*Regarding "participation:" While these guidelines for grading are designed to support students across Jeffco Public Schools, the definition of participation and the determination of the concluding date prior to remote learning (middle school and high school) are school-based determinations. More specific information on these two topics will be available from your school.

For more information or specific questions about your particular situation, please contact your teacher or school.

What is the plan for 2020 graduation?

- A “graduation acknowledgment” will be created for the end of May. This acknowledgment will take a form determined by each individual school in collaboration with their seniors and staff.

- In-person graduation ceremonies scheduled for May 2020 will be postponed until the first two weekends in August. We are hopeful that social distancing guidelines will be lifted and group celebrations permitted at that time. Learn more information here.


What about standardized testing including CMAS, PSAT, and SAT?

The administration of end-of-the-year assessments, including the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS), will be paused for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year due to extensive school closures throughout Colorado to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Colorado Education Commissioner Katy Anthes announced March 17, 2020.

CDE is working with The College Board to generate possible solutions for the administration of the PSAT and SAT tests, which offer unique roles in Colorado’s system in terms of scholarships and college entrance. Additional information will come from CDE as it becomes available. Learn more.

April Update: Following guidance from public health officials, we’re canceling the June SAT. Right now, public health officials are saying it’s unsafe to gather students in one place. Many states have closed school for the rest of the year. Learn more here

Updated March 31: The scheduled April 14 state SAT testing day at high schools is cancelled since Colorado public schools are closed through at least April 17. State PSAT tests for 9th and 10th grades have also been cancelled.

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has not released official information on other options for state SAT testing this spring. However, CDE and the College Board (the SAT vendor) will make a decision soon regarding potential options for a testing opportunity for current 11th graders.

Currently, the next national SAT testing day is scheduled for the first weekend of June. The College Board will make a decision about whether they can safely hold that administration as soon as possible. Families interested in potentially having their student take the SAT on the June national testing day need to register and pay online through the College Board. Students may be eligible for a fee waiver from the College Board. Refer to this website for more information.

We will share additional information about the Colorado state administration of SAT and PSAT as it is communicated by CDE.

What does the latest Jefferson County Public Health Order state about P-12 school access and sports activities in Jefferson County?

Update on June 5, 2020: Jeffco Public Schools to Restore Athletics and Activities June 22
Jeffco Public Schools athletics and activities will be restored beginning June 22 under a phased in approach and set of conditions to ensure the health and safety of participants.

More information will be released next week about these conditions, participation guidelines, timing, and other details. The previously announced restrictions for non-district use of facilities (outside organizations renting our fields and facilities) remains in place through July 1.

When can families/students pick up their personal belongings that are still at school?

With the Stay-at-Home Order lifted on May 8, allowing for more movement within our community, the district will soon be sending out information and guidance for students and families to pick up their personal belongings during the month of May. If there are critical items such as medications or materials required for successful remote learning a student needs to collect immediately, please reach out to your school principal directly.

When can I pick up my medication from school?

You can pick up your medication from your school during specific times/dates in May. Learn more here about the Jeffco Medication pick-up protocol for families.

What will summer school/programs look like this summer?

In Jeffco, our summer school options are varied and structured to meet different needs; some are academic, while others are enrichment-based. If you are interested in exploring options, talk with a principal, secretary, counselor, or teacher at your school to find out if they will have any summer programming there or nearby. Some of our elementary schools offer summer school for students who attend that school. For students in high school who need credit recovery, there are three regional options.

Note: due to the Covid-19 outbreak, all summer school opportunities will be virtual this summer. See flyer or website for more details on high school credit recovery.

Also, check out our new Summer Resources page to keep busy this summer. Each week, we highlight 3 new activities plus other resources to keep you engaged.

Will there be district in-person summer programs or gatherings?

In-person Jeffco Public Schools-based organized activities (or supports for these activities such as practice) which create group congregations are prohibited until August 1. Non-Jeffco Public Schools groups may be allowed after July 1, depending on changes to public health directives that would allow for those activities. As more information about the lifting of stay-at-home orders becomes known, we may update this information.

remote learning

What does the remote learning schedule look like moving forward?

Moving forward, Mondays will be designated for teacher planning/catch-up for staff and students (no remote learning between teachers and students). Each week, Tuesday through Friday remote learning will take place between teachers and students.

How is it decided when to return to school?

This is an evolving situation and Jeffco Public Schools will continue to follow the guidance from the CDC and CDPHE. We will share updates when they are available.

Update April 3, 2020:

Jeffco Public Schools announced the following:

After consultation with Jefferson County Public Health and in coordination with other districts in the metro Denver area, we have made the difficult decision to suspend in-person instruction for the remainder of the school year. We will continue on our path delivering remote learning for students and remote work for staff through the end of this school year 2019-2020.

Read more of the district’s message and why they made this important decision here.

Will school playgrounds still be open while school buildings are closed due to COVID-19?

Due to the Stay-at-Home Order issued by Governor Polis, school playgrounds, tracks, and fields are closed to the public. School playgrounds are not disinfected during school building closures and should not be accessed by children, families, or staff. We encourage our students and families to seek alternative outdoor activities including walking, running, hiking, and biking, while still adhering to social distancing recommendations.

Are athletic competitions, festivals, music events, and other extracurricular events still happening?

Update from Jeffco Athletics 6/2020: Starting June 22, our Return-to-Workouts Plan takes effect, and is intended to give guidance for returning to workouts while adhering to state and local guidelines in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our workout plan is set up in phases and the transition from one phase to the next can only be accomplished by meeting guideline criteria. Workouts must remain voluntary to students (CHSAA bylaws) and coaches, and all Jeffco coaches are required to follow these guidelines. Plan specifics can be reviewed here.

Update May 8, 2020: Jeffco School sites remain closed to students, coaches, and sponsors through August 1, 2020. Use of facilities, fields, and courts is not allowed. There may be no congregation of teams, student-athletes, activity participants, coaches, or sponsors on or off school grounds.

Virtual instruction and workouts may be conducted beginning Monday, May 11th, per CHSAA. Use of Zoom type platforms may be utilized to meet virtually with team members. In-person congregation between athletes, coaches, activity participants, and activity sponsors is still prohibited per District and CHSAA directives.

Learn more about the latest information from CHSAA here. Check back for updates.

Update April 21, 2020:

The Spring 2020 season is cancelled due to on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Read more from the CHSAA website.


Are there any technical resources I can have access to?

Students and families can visit our Technical Resources page to access tools and resources. Be sure to check out these Remote Learning Resources, too.


I don't have at-home internet service. What should I do?

There are options!

Xfinity has announced an Xfinity WiFi Free For Everyone program. Through it, Xfinity hotspots across the country will be available to anyone who needs them for free. Search for a hotspot near you.

Comcast Internet Essentials is offering two free months of their Internet Essentials package starting March 16, 2020. You have to be eligible, so read more on their website. You can also call 1-855-846-8376.

We’ve also got information about data plans with specific cell phone carriers on our Low-Cost Internet Options page. Check back from time to time as we’ll be updating that information regularly.

Please talk to your parent(s), guardian(s), and/or teacher if you need help figuring out how to install at-home internet.

What if I am having technical issues during remote learning?

There are several options for support when experiencing technical issues.

1. Be sure to alert your teacher to let them know what issues you are having. Some are common and they will know the easy solutions; others are system issues (like a particular app running slowly) and they may be aware of this, as well.

2. We also have a wide variety of resources and support available on our Student, Family & Community Technical Resources page. Please check it out!

3. If these don’t work, you may contact our student/family support line at 303-982-3438 Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Please note that all home networks are unique and may require assistance from your internet service provider.

free meals available

Will the district serve meals at schools during this time?

Yes! Thanks to funding from the Jefferson County Commissioners, we will open 11 sites for the Summer Grab-and-Go Meals Program.

Note: Current meal service program last day is Fri., May 22

Starts Wednesday, May 27
Who: All children 18 and under (Adult meals will not be available in the summer program)
Dates of Service: May 27 - August 14, 2020 (No meals served on Memorial Day, 5/25)
Days and Times:
 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10:30am - 1pm
Meals Served: 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches per child at no charge

As COVID-19 impacts our community, we encourage families to continue to access meals at our Summer Grab-and-Go Meal sites. Measures for social distancing and reduced exposure will continue to help ensure the safety of the Jeffco community.

See a full list of the food locations and more details here.


HEalth & wellness

What if I need to speak with a nurse about my health?

Did you know that since remote learning began, emergency room visits for kids' injuries have doubled? There are injuries, new concussions, old concussions, asthma, allergies, diabetes, and so much more. It is important to continue to use your district RN if you have health conditions and injuries. If you do not know who your district RN is, please contact your school principal or contact the Health Services Department and Brandy Schneider will assist you, 303.982.7251. Stay well, Jeffco!


What if I'm struggling during this remote learning time?

Be sure to use these resources if you need support during this time of isolation and uncertainty.

Additionally, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Learn more about daily activities and resources for you and your family to use to create a healthy mindset.

Are there any free webinars for teens to participate in while dealing with COVID-19?

Yes. Dr. Scott Cypers from CU Denver and the Johnson Depression Center offers a weekly series of webinars for parents and teens on dealing with life during COVID-19. These meetings are free to the public. Read more about it in this NPR story and on their website

Are there any resources from the student perspective?

Check out the service project developed by (JVA) Jeffco Virtual Academy's National Honors Society chapter.

They have created this website with the goal of providing study tips/tricks for online learning and help for adjusting to quarantine. You can find resources on studying for all ages, parent guidance, stress management, exercise, entertainment, etc.

This is a wonderful resource made BY students FOR students!

Do you need ideas on how to stay active?

Check out this YouTube channel, AlivePhysEd, created by two Jeffco P.E. teachers for easy and fun fitness activities to try during remote learning!


Are there any activities for middle or high school students?

Try these activities offering a variety of topics & activities for students in grades 6-12.

Do you need a creative outlet outside of remote learning?

Get inspired by visiting our Jeffco Makes page and start making, baking, and shaking today with the Jeffco community!


What is the Read with Me at Home initiative? Who is it for?

In response to school closures across Colorado, Rocky Mountain Public Media in partnership with the Office of the Governor, the Colorado Department of Education, and the Colorado Education Initiative, will provide K-3 learners, their families, and caregivers with direct-to-home remote literacy learning on broadcast and online. Starting May 18, K-3 literacy lessons will be broadcast Monday-Friday from 8am-10am on Rocky Mountain PBS. Learn more here.
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