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FAQs - Facilities

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What are the capacity concerns?
In general, our middle schools are under capacity. The Facilities Master Plan determined our middle schools are significantly underutilized with 5,422 available seats. In contrast, many of our elementary schools are over capacity. Transitioning 6th grade students to the middle schools will create balance in our facilities. The transition will also provide the opportunity to remove 147 temporary classrooms from elementary sites.

How will choice enrollment be affected?
Choice enrollment policies remain unchanged. Schools dedicate spaces first to neighborhood/boundary students, then fill remaining spaces as outlined in choice enrollment policy.

How will elementary schools with low enrollments be affected?
Budget allocations are based on student enrollment. Families and staff can be assured district leadership is committed to the success of this transition and will prioritize and attend to the needs of each of our schools.

Per the letter Dr. Glass sent to all students, families, staff, and the community on Aug. 25, 2017, "Barring any drastic, unforeseen changes in school funding or our current situation, I feel we can take time to carefully consider this issue [of low enrollment schools]. Therefore, I am hereby notifying the Jeffco community that my administration will make no recommendations on closing any neighborhood school until the 2019-20 school year, at the earliest."

"Further, when and if we come to the place where we must seriously consider closing a school, this decision should be reached in partnership with the affected community. Toward that end, we are re-evaluating our processes and practices relating to school closure recommendations and communications and will work with a cross-section of our community to develop a thoughtful and respectful approach to school closures."

I am concerned that my middle school will not be able to accommodate the additional sixth grade.
There are professionals in the facilities department who will work with school administrators to assure there will be adequate space for the enrollment increase. Facilities will review these spaces and make recommendations. If feasible, options for modifying the space will be reviewed and improvements to those areas made before the 2018 school year.

My elementary school has a number of modular buildings which may be empty after the grade move. What will happen to those modulars?
The district either owns the modulars or leases them. Owned buildings will either be mothballed or demolished, depending upon age and condition. Leased buildings will be returned to the vendors.
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