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Commitment to Equity

In Jeffco Public Schools, Equity means that each child receives what they need to develop to their full academic, career, and social potential.

Equal and equitable are related terms but are different. In an educational context, equal means everyone gets the same. Equitable means that each student gets what they need to succeed.

Research supports that Jeffco has challenges ensuring that students who have been historically underserved (those students qualifying for free and reduced lunch, identifying as racial and ethnic minorities, English language learners, special education) receive what they need in order to be academically successful.

The work of the Equity Tactic Team is to support the leaders responsible for actualizing our strategic plan to continually address these challenges using an equity lens in order to ensure students get what they need to develop to their full academic, career, and social potential.

Theory of Action

IF Jeffco Public Schools develops and uses resources (talent/support/funding/facilities) equitably, THEN students from under-served populations (Free and Reduced Lunch, Students of Color, Special Education, English Language Learner) will develop to their full academic, career, and social potential.


  • By the 2024 school year, at least 75%* of students identified as under-served will graduate on-time with their cohort.

  • By the 2022 school year, students identified as under-served will increase social readiness as demonstrated by an average response of 3.75 on the Make Your Voice Heard (MYVH) survey.  

*Goal subject to change based on benchmarking in progress.

Tactic Team

Dave Kollar (Tactic Lead) - Director, Student Engagement
David Bell - Director, Employment Services
Dr. Carol Eaton - Executive Director, Instructional Data Services
Robyn Fergus - Director, Human Resources
Jason Firestone - Manager, Student Engagement Office
Maggie Guntren - ESL/Dual Language Resource Teacher
Jessica Havens - Diversity and Inclusion Specialist
Jennifer Mulhern - Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher
Jodi Novy - Director, Special Education
Linda Reyes - Director, Title 1
Arianne Rivera - Diversity and Inclusion Specialist
Magali Saez-Cox - Coordinator, Instructional Coaches
Nicole Stewart - Director, Budget and Treasury
David Weiss - Principal, Westgate Elementary


Commitment to Equity BOE Stocktake_6.7.18
Commitment to Equity BOE Stocktake 6.11.19

Commitment to Equity Stocktake 4.10.20

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