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Lead Test Results

About Water Testing in Jeffco Public Schools and Colorado

As a proactive measure, the Environmental Services Department of Jeffco Public Schools began testing lead levels in all drinking water sources at our schools and facilities in 2016. The testing was not required at that time, however the health and safety of our students and staff is a priority and we have routinely conducted it on a scheduled basis for six years.

In June 2022, Governor Polis signed into law Colorado House Bill 22-1358: Clean Water in Schools and Childcare Centers, requiring all licensed child care programs and public schools to test their drinking water for lead and take action when results show levels of lead at or above 5 parts per billion (ppb). As part of this legislation, Jeffco is testing water at all elementary and K-8 schools before the conclusion of the 2022-23 school year.

Visit the CDPHE website to view a summary of the most recent results for each drinking water source under the House Bill program.

Public Health Water Standards

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires public water systems to take action if a water sample exceeds 15 parts per billion (ppb). The 15 ppb level is a trigger for action, rather than an exposure level risk. However, Colorado House Bill 22-1358 requires that action be taken if a water sample exceeds 5 ppb. Because the state’s legislation is written as 5 ppb and not 5.0 ppb, any sample that is 4.5-4.9 ppb is rounded up to be considered in need of remediation. This can be confusing, but it is important to understand the ramification for how this law was written.

What Jeffco is doing if a Fixture Tests at or above 4.5 ppb

If a fixture tests at or above 4.5 ppb, access to water from that site is immediately turned off and the Jeffco Facilities team will collaborate with the State of Colorado on a remediation plan that includes ongoing testing to ensure standards are met before access to that fixture is restored.

Education about Lead and Water

What is the cause of lead detected in water?

Experts believe the materials contained in old pipes and plumbing fixtures can cause elevated lead levels coming out of specific water faucets and drinking fountains.

Lead exposure does not mean lead poisoning. According to health department information regarding lead in water sources, the risk for low lead levels causing health issues in our students is extremely low. However, if you have health concerns, please contact your healthcare provider.

View the following resources for more information about lead exposure, health risks and actions you can take.

2016–2022 Water Testing Results

All Jeffco Public Schools (not including charter schools*) were tested for lead content in all water sources June-October of 2016. If any results were found to be above the EPA recommended levels (15ppb), the water source underwent repairs for mitigation and retests were conducted to confirm lead levels were within acceptable levels.

A five-year rotation of lead testing for all drinking water sources began in the summer of 2017, with at least 20% of all Jeffco Public schools being tested each year. As such, every school has had drinking water sources tested sometime in the past five years and will again over the next five years or earlier in compliance with the new House bill.  

Below are links to the lead testing results for drinking water sources in each school conducted prior to Colorado House Bill 22-1358 program coming into effect. Any fixtures that are noted as "Repairs Pending" have been signed "Do Not Drink”, "Hand Washing and Science Use Only", or have been shut off.  Once the water source has undergone mitigation repairs and is sampled at below elevated levels of concern, the fixture is then returned to use.

In addition, the Jeffco Environmental Services Department provides treated water for the following Jeffco locations: Coal Creek Elementary School, Conifer High School, Elk Creek Elementary School, Marshdale Elementary School, West Jefferson Elementary School, West Jefferson Middle School, Windy Peak Outdoor Lab, Mt. Evans Outdoor Lab, and the West Transportation Center. Throughout the year, comprehensive sampling (though not testing of every location) and monitoring of these sites occur to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations. 

*Please note that charter schools handle their own facilities and will need to be contacted directly about this issue.

School Drinking Water Lead Testing Results

Adams Elementary

Alameda International Jr/Sr High

Anderson Preschool

Arvada High

Arvada K-8

Arvada West High

Bear Creek High

Bear Creek K-8

Bell Middle 

Belmar School of Integrated Arts

Bergen Meadow Elementary

Bergen Valley Elementary

Blue Heron Elementary

Bradford K-8 North

Bradford K-8 South

Brady Exploration

Campbell Elementary

Carmody Middle

Chatfield High

Colorow Elementary

Columbine High

Columbine Hills Elementary

Conifer High

Connections Learning Center

Coronado Elementary

Creighton Middle

D'Evelyn Jr/Sr

Dakota Ridge High

Deane Elementary

Deer Creek Middle

Dennison Elementary

Devinny Elementary

Doral Academy

Drake Middle

Dunstan Middle

Dutch Creek Elementary

Ed Center

Edgewater Elementary

Eiber Elementary

Elk Creek Elementary

Emory Elementary

Evergreen High

Evergreen Middle

Everitt Middle

Fairmount Elementary

Falcon Bluffs Middle

Foothills Elementary

Foster Elementary

Frank D’angelis

Free Horizon Montessori

Fremont Elementary

Glennon Heights Elementary

Golden High

Governor's Ranch Elementary

Green Gables Elementary

Green Mountain Elementary

Green Mountain High

Hackberry Hill Elementary

Hutchinson Elementary

Irwin Preschool

Jeffco Open

Jefferson Jr/Sr High

Ken Caryl Middle

Kendallvue Elementary

Kendrick Lakes Elementary

Kullerstrand Elementary

Kyffin Elementary

Lakewood High

Lasley Elementary

Lawrence Elementary

Leawood Elementary

Little Elementary

Litz Preschool

Long View High

Lukas Elementary

Lumberg Elementary

McLain Community High

Mandalay Middle


Maple Grove Elementary

Marshdale Elementary

Meiklejohn Elementary

Miller Special

Mitchell Elementary

Molholm Elementary

Moore Middle

Mortensen Elementary

Mount Carbon Elementary

Mount Blue Sky Outdoor Lab

Normandy Elementary

North Arvada Middle

Oberon Middle

Parmalee Elementary

Parr Elementary

Patterson International

Patterson Preschool

Peak Expeditionary School at Pennington Elementary

Peck Elementary

Peiffer Elementary

Pomona High School

Powderhorn Elementary

Prospect Valley Elementary

Quail Building 1

Quail Building 2

Quail Building 4

Quail Building 5

Ralston Elementary

Ralston Valley High

Red Rocks Elementary

Rooney Ranch Elementary

Rose Stein International Elementary

Ryan Elementary

Secrest Elementary

Secrest Cottage

Semper Elementary

Shaffer Elementary

Shelton Elementary

Sheridan Green Elementary

Sierra Elementary

Slater Elementary

Sobesky Academy

South Lakewood Elementary

Standley Lake High

Stein Cottages

Stevens Elementary

Stober Elementary

Stony Creek Elementary

Stott Elementary

Summit Ridge Middle

Swanson Elementary

Thomson Elementary

Three Creeks K-8

Ute Meadows Elementary

Van Arsdale Elementary

Vanderhoof Elementary

Vivian Elementary

Warder Elementary

Warren Tech Central

Warren Tech North

Warren Tech South

Wayne Carle Middle 

Weber Elementary

Welchester Elementary

Westgate Elementary

West Jefferson Elementary

West Jefferson Middle

Westridge Elementary

West Woods Elementary

Wheat Ridge High

Wilmore-Davis Elementary

Wilmot Elementary

Windy Peak Outdoor Lab

Witt Elementary

If you would like copies of any documentation regarding the testing, please complete the online public records request form.

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