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January 25, 2023

Parent/Family Learning Night

Early Access

Early access to kindergarten and first grade is for 4 & 5 year olds, respectively, as an exception to the normal age requirements as per board policy JEB. Children who are highly gifted (97th percentile or higher) may benefit from early grade acceleration. Come learn about the application process and timelines for Early Access to kindergarten or first grade!

GT 101

Have you ever wondered who the gifted are?  Do you want to know how the district identifies gifted students?  Are you wondering what gifted and talented programming looks like in our district?  Then join us in this introductory course to get the information you need.  This course will apply predominantly to families who are new to Jeffco or who are new to the identification and programming of gifted students.

ABCs of ALPs

Join us as we explore the ABCs of Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs).  How do we engage the Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive Domains to meet the needs of advanced learners in Jeffco?  Come learn about the Advanced Learning Plan process, how ALP goals are set and monitored in both neighborhood and center schools, the slight difference between the elementary and secondary ALP process, and how you can support the gifted child in your life

Talent Area Identification

Is your student an amazing artist?  Do they have mastery of a musical instrument?  Do they think up new and exciting creative ideas?  Join us for a session to understand how students in Jeffco can be formally identified in the “Talent Areas”.  We now have a process to identify students who are gifted in the aptitudes of Visual Art, Creativity, Music, Leadership, Performing Arts, Psychomotor, and Dance.  Join us to learn more!

Social Emotional Needs of Gifted Children

How does anxiety manifest in gifted children? Come learn how anxiety can mix with overexcitabilities, social challenges, and perfectionism. We will talk about how anxiety can look in gifted children as well as how to help children manage and develop effective coping strategies.

Letting Go: Managing Anxiety & Perfectionism

Executive Function

Join our presentation to support your child in building their executive functioning skills for both in-person and remote environments. Students will also learn strategies to advocate for their needs. We will share both classroom and home resources. These easy to use tools help build the habits necessary to be successful in life.

Next Steps for High School Students

Don’t wait for senior year to start thinking about the next step!  Stepping into the world of adulthood can be incredibly stress inducing, especially for gifted students who want to get it “just right.”    What pathways to success are available after high school, and how can we help our child determine and self- advocate for the best avenue?  This session will provide a smorgasbord of post-secondary options as well as methods for tracking meaningful communication with prospective schools, programs, and employers.

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