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"A school bus driver gets there when nobody else can; finds houses that don't exist and children with no names. They dry tears, dispel fears and find lost notebooks. School bus drivers have eyes in the back of their heads and are able to hear every word, even in sign language. They are immune to noise. Their biggest apprehension involves five-year-olds with motion sickness especially in the winter time when the windows are all closed and the heater is on. Sometimes a school bus driver gets tired, but they seldom get mad; and always, most faithfully, they get there." - Anonymous

How do I apply for a job with Transportation & Fleet Services?

We are currently hiring bus drivers, bus assistants and mechanics.


Please apply online at

What are the requirements to be a bus driver?

SUMMARY: Drive school bus over assigned route, abiding by all Federal, State, and District rules and regulations. Manage passenger conduct and ensure passenger safety.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: High school diploma/GED required.

EXPERIENCE: No experience required. Previous truck or bus driving experience preferred. Experience working with children preferred.

SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, & EQUIPMENT: Must demonstrate the ability to operate various school buses, wheelchair lifts and restraining equipment, and bus wash upon completion of District training (within two weeks after hire).

CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, & REGISTRATIONS: Must be 21 years of age and must maintain a valid Colorado driver's license with good driving history (must provide driving record at time of hire). Must obtain Commercial driver's license (CDL), Bus Driver, Sub Bus Driver Department of Transportation physical exam, and "B" License with P2-S endorsement upon completion of District training (within two weeks after hire), subject to random/post accident/reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing. CPR/First Aid within 90 days after hire.

Complete Bus Driver Job Description

What are the requirements to be a bus assistant?

SUMMARY: Care for students with special needs and ensure their safety while in transit on District school buses.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: High school diploma/GED required.

EXPERIENCE: No experience required.

SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, & EQUIPMENT: Ability to operate wheelchair lifts, secure wheelchair straps, and safety vests within one week after hire. Must pass physical, District written test, District skills training, and First Aid test within one week after hire.

CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, & REGISTRATIONS: Ability to operate wheelchair lifts, secure wheelchair straps, and safety vests within one week after hire. Must pass physical, District written test, District skills training, and First Aid test within one week after hire.

Complete Bus Assistant Job Description

What are the requirements to be a mechanic?

SUMMARY: Repair and maintain all District vehicles and equipment in a safe and effective manner through preventative maintenance and diagnosing problems determining corrective measures using the full range of mechanics tools and equipment available, and properly completing the repairs and maintenance. Work is of a safety critical nature and requires high work quality and attention to detail.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: High school diploma or equivalent required. Automotive Gas and Diesel engine school preferred - equivalent experience acceptable.

EXPERIENCE: A minimum of four years experience meeting the duties requirements listed above. Applicable vocational school experience is given half time credit (2 years of school equals one year of experience).

SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, & EQUIPMENT: Requires solid knowledge of the principles, practices, materials, and methods of: general automotive, diesel, and construction equipment mechanics; computerized engines and other components that are computerized on newer model vehicles; gasoline and diesel engine maintenance and repair; vehicle and equipment diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair; and the skill and ability to apply that knowledge to perform the essential functions of the position. Must have complete set of mechanic’s hand tools and tool chest.

CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, & REGISTRATIONS: A.S.E.& CDL preferred at hire. The following must be acquired within four months after hire: Commercial Driver's License B (CDL), CDE Brake Certificate, Opacity Certification, and CDE Bus Inspector's Certificate (as needed).

Complete Mechanic Job Description

Who is the primary contact for training?

Bus Drivers & Bus Assistants:

DaNaye Gettel, Training Supervisor - 303-982-2542

Where are training classes held?

At the Training Center located behind the small brick building on the east side of the stadium parking lot at West 6th Ave and Kipling St. in Lakewood. (Exit Kipling and turn east to get past the stadium.)

What is a school bus driver?

School bus drivers are the people who transport our most precious resource, your students!

School bus drivers drive in all kinds of weather. School bus drivers are subjected to pre-employment screening that includes fingerprinting, references attesting to moral character, and state and federal government background checks. They go through over 80 hours of training to determine how the driver responds to stress, child psychology, and other variables in the workplace and behind the wheel.

School bus drivers must experience rigid physical examinations and meet federal hearing, vision and agility requirements, to name a few. Blood pressure, pulse, weight, knee jerks, and urinalysis must conform to established standards. They are tested pre-employment for controlled substances, and are subject to random, post accident and reasonable suspicion tests throughout their career.

If physically and mentally qualified, school bus drivers must then be prepared to learn how to drive a vehicle that could be seven to ten times longer than today's compact car, weigh as much as thirteen elephants, and hold the equivalent of three 20-man football squads.

After learning to drive this special vehicle they are trained in advanced first aid, CPR, pupil behavior management, hazard detection and response, transporting children with handicapped conditions, emergency driving techniques, public relations and policies as well as preventive maintenance and vehicle inspections.

School bus drivers must undergo a biennial physical, annual review of their driving records, an annual road test of their driving ability, and a minimum of 6-hours of in-service education annually. They are required to carry a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) which increases the fee for the licensed driver.

A school bus driver is a member of the best-screened, best-qualified, and best-trained profession associated with the motor transport industry in the country. They are members of the motor transport industry that possesses the safest transportation record in the world.

School bus drivers are one of a few members of society who are entrusted with the care and safety of children when they are not at home with their parents. A school bus driver is a person who smiles in the morning and smiles in the evening.

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