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Compensation Programs

Jeffco’s mission is to provide a quality education that prepares all children for a successful future. In order to accomplish this mission, Human Resources is focused on building the best-qualified and committed teams of employees.  A critical component of the employee value proposition within the district are the Compensation Programs administered by Human Resources.  Human Resources strives to develop Compensation Programs that attract, develop, retain, and reward highly qualified employees at all levels of responsibility, and are designed to:

  • Acknowledge that the work of our employees is critical to the achievement of Jeffco’s mission.
  • Promote internal equity and consistency across the District’s compensation practices.
  • Compete with prevailing market rates for similar jobs in other front range districts.
  • Be fiscally responsible, transparent and understandable.

Through the different stages of the candidate recruiting process and employee life cycle, HR compensation programs adhere to best practices and are legally compliant with all laws, such as the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) Equal Pay Act (EPA), and Title VII.


View salary schedules for Administrative/Professional/Technical positions HERE.


View pay schedules for additional Performance Pay Athletic/Activities, Coaches/Sponsors here.

Education Support Professionals

Using the Wage Plan, Grades document below, locate your job title and grade. Then use the Education Support Professional Wage Schedule to locate your rate of pay. Additional information and instructions can be found in the Instructions document.

Education Support Professionals Job Titles, Wage Schedule, Grades

Education Support Professionals Wage Schedule

Preschool Job Code Title List

Preschool Wage Schedule
School Age Enrichment Wage - Instructions

School Age Enrichment Job Code Title List

School Age Enrichment Job Title Wage Schedule

Non-Negotiated Job Code Title List

Non-Negotiated Job Title Wage Schedule

Licensed Educators

Jeffco Public Schools believes a licensed teacher develops their craft at an accelerated rate during the beginning years of their profession. The District also recognizes the significance that years of experience has regarding the overall effectiveness as a licensed professional. Therefore, you will notice a more accelerated approach in the salary schedule for teachers early in their Jeffco career.

Advanced education also plays a role in excellence in teaching. As a result, the pay plan for new, incoming licensed professionals has been established to reward these concepts. As an educator completes a Master's degree and certain thresholds of graduate level credits, you will be eligible to move to higher salary lanes.

Below are explanations of how years of service and degrees are considered when determining starting salary. To gain a better perspective of your potential salary as a licensed professional with Jeffco Public Schools, please read through the guidelines and utilize the calculator at the bottom of this page.

Click here to view the Educator/SSP Salary Schedule

Click here to view the CTE Instructor Salary Schedule

Upon securing a position with Jeffco Public Schools you will advance on the salary schedule for an effective or highly effective evaluation rating based on your professional practices evaluation. If you are new to teaching at Jeffco, we understand it may take time to be effective. As a result, probationary teachers rated partially effective during their first two years with Jeffco can also advance on the salary schedule.


Jeffco Public Schools grants steps on the Salary Schedule for up to 8 years of previous qualified experience (maximum placement Step 9). You must submit all relevant experience via Onboarding before the deadline (15 days after your hire date) to receive placement credit. Jeffco Public Schools grants credit per assignment in full and half increments. Total applicable years of service are combined, and rounded down to the nearest full year.

Full credit: Worked full time (at least 0.75 FTE) for at least 75% of the school year.
Half credit: Worked part time (0.50 FTE or more) for at least 75% of the school year.
Half credit: Worked full time for one semester/half the school year.

Full details of the previous experience requirements are provided upon Job Offer, but in general:

Licensed Educator:

    Accepted for Credit

    Not Accepted

    K-12 Licensed positions at public, private, or charter school located in the United States, territories, or military bases.


    K-12 Licensed positions at public, private, or charter school located outside the US upon verification of licensing requirements.


    Individual substitute assignments that last 90 days or longer (or being a school-based sub for the school year in a single location).


    Related industry experience for CTE teachers.


    Licensed, SPED positions for Pre-K or 18-21 year old students.


    Licensed preschool teacher at public schools located in the United States, territories, or military bases. (This does not include preschool instructor certificates.)  Licensed preschool teacher positions at charters, private, or non-US locations will be evaluated for equivalency. 


    Volunteer positions that include a teaching/training component for at least half of the work and include a training program/license requirement.

    Teaching College courses


    Preschool Instructor



    Summer School

    Student Teaching


    Substitute Teaching

    On Call Positions

    Administration Positions


Licensed Special Service Provider:

    Accepted for Credit

    Not Accepted

    K-12 Licensed positions at public, private, or charter school located in the United States, territories, or military bases.

    K-12 Licensed positions at public, private, or charter school located outside the US upon verification of licensing requirements.

    Related private sector paid positions for  Special Service Providers

    Licensed, SPED/Special Service Provider positions for Pre-K or 18-21 year old students.

    Volunteer positions that related to the Special Service Providers fields of study.



    On Call Positions

    Administration Positions



    Licensed Educator Experience FAQ

    SSP Experience FAQ


    Jeffco Public Schools awards additional compensation for a conferred Bachelor's Degree with 18 graduate credit hours, Master’s, a Bachelor’s + 60 graduate credit hours (must hold Master’s degree), and a Bachelor’s + 75 graduate credit hours (must hold Master's degree). All degrees must be obtained from an accredited program and official transcripts will need to be submitted in order for a degree and additional credit hours to be evaluated and awarded.


    Initial salaries for those entering the profession without prior teaching experience are presented below.

    • Lane 1 (L01) - Bachelor’s Degree - $52,625
    • Lane 2 (L02) - Bachelor's Degree with 18 graduate credit hours - $54,730
    • Lane 3 (L03) - Master’s Degree - $56,919
    • Lane 4 (L04) - Master's Degree with 60 graduate credit hours - $59,196
    • Lane 5 (L05) - Master's Degree with 75 graduate credit hours: $61,564
    • Lane 6 (L06) - Master's Degree with 90 graduate credit hours: $62,795

    Teacher Librarian and Counselor positions will be prorated for additional days worked. These days are not reflected in the figures presented in the calculator below, or in the starting salaries listed above.

    Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA), Counselor on Special Assignment (COSA), Dean, and Instructional Coach will follow the Licensed Teacher Salary Schedule.

    Porting non-probationary status from another Colorado district

    In certain situations, a new Jeffco teacher accepting an ongoing contract can bring his or her non-probationary status earned in another Colorado district to Jeffco.  The request to port status must be made within 30 days of accepting a position in Jeffco.  Learn more here.


    Archived Salary Schedules


    To see salary information and schedules from previous years, click below.




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