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Boundary Study

The 2023-24 Jeffco Public Schools boundary study looks at enrollment trends, school choices, and programs to find ways to operate more efficiently and provide equal, high-quality education throughout the district.

Why is Jeffco conducting a boundary study?

School districts occasionally review their boundaries to adjust to population changes and best use resources for student education.

The boundary study, part of the Regional Opportunities for Thriving Schools Phase II  resolution, will allow the district to better understand long-term enrollment trends and what factors influence the educational choices Jeffco families make.

Similar to regional and national trends, Jeffco has fewer students now than 20 years ago. Also, more than 40% of families choose schools outside their assigned area. Better understanding these patterns will help guide decisions on facilities, resources and school boundaries.

What are the goals of the boundary study?

The boundary study will:

  • Provide data to ensure equitable access to extraordinary educational experiences. To deliver on our mission to prepare all students for bright and successful futures, families need convenient access to programming that meets educational needs and interests of students. This study will allow us to better understand those interests and needs to inform the design of schools and availability of programming across the district.
  • Sustain schools through population changes. We are committed to providing extraordinary learning experiences — including access to art, music, physical education and technology — across the district, and doing so requires that every school has the resources it needs. This study will allow us to identify areas where we can best use resources on programming and educational opportunities that families and students desire.

What have we learned so far?

FLO Analytics, Jeffco’s boundary study consultants, presented the first set of findings from the boundary study at the September 14, 2023 Board of Education meeting. Major findings from their initial analysis of Jeffco’s enrollment trends included the following:

  • Declining enrollment: Jeffco’s enrollment declined by 10.4 percent since 2013-14, with enrollment peaking between 2015-16 and 2019-20. Enrollment declines have occurred throughout the district in nearly all 17 articulation areas.
  • Enrollment declines attributed to population loss: The decline in school-age population in the last ten years (4.1 percent) was even greater than the decline in enrollment in the district, suggesting that the decline was attributable to population loss, not to enrollment in private schools or net transfers.
  • Jeffco captures most students: A high percentage of Jefferson County children enrolled in K-12 schools attended public schools (90.6 percent) according to the most recent American Community Survey data.
  • Smaller families, less development: Jeffco had a 33 percent increase in the number of households without children in 2020 compared to 2000, indicating a significant change in household composition. Development is generally decreasing throughout the district, but some larger planned developments could affect enrollment in those areas in the future.

This webpage will be updated with more findings from the boundary study as they are published.

Expected Timeline

The boundary study will take place throughout the 2023–24 school year. Community engagement sessions will begin in October 2023 and the study is expected to conclude in August 2024.

How can families, students, and the community get involved?

Families can participate in a fall 2023 district-wide survey, sharing what influenced their school enrollment decisions and the programming that is important to them and their child(ren). There may be additional opportunities to participate in community workshops or focus groups throughout the 2023–24 school year that will be shared on this webpage, and in district and school communications. 

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