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Built to Last

Built to Last
Posted on 04/13/2018

Warren Tech students help complete a concrete walkway and outdoor learning space near one of the school’s two greenhouses.Warren Tech students are known throughout Jeffco for their hands-on hard work, and that was certainly the case as teens interested in construction careers got schooled in the somewhat messy art of concrete. The students were guided by Warren Tech instructors and professionals from Baker Concrete Construction, as well as other businesses that specialize in creating things built to last. Each stage, from forming to pouring to placing, was carefully carried out.

“While you’re pumping the concrete, you have to start mixing it kind of right away, spreading it out and knowing where to put it. The edging is really important, and I’ve learned that just having all your forms and everything perfect is really important,” explained Justin Martinez. “That’s one of the biggest steps in concrete and just knowing how to form all those together better, like using stakes and the techniques they showed us out there like putting them closer together so that there’s not a chance of it breaking.”

It was a full week of instruction and practical experience, as the students helped build a concrete pathway, patio, and outdoor learning space near one of the school’s two greenhouses.

“We made a plan for every day of the week we teach the students something different. Step-by-step process as to what it takes to get from just a conceptual design, we get it on paper, do estimates for the concrete materials needed and, then, manpower, schedule, and then just before the concrete placement, we look at the safety and the quality aspects of it,” said Moses Berrelez, Baker Concrete Construction general superintendent.

The week gave the students a chance to try out a career that is in high demand in Colorado, as well as an opportunity to make something that they can point to with pride, long after their Warren Tech days are done.

“We were talking; maybe my kids will come here one day, you know. I think we did a really good job, honestly,” said Martinez. “Looking at the finish we have already done on the other side, it looks really nice, nice and smooth, everything’s level. We had the guys check it out there. It looks like a quality job.”

What was the best part of the project? Students got to sign their work when everything was complete.

“After we are done, I’m pretty sure we’ll find a little place, all of us, Warren tech kids,” said Martinez.

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