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Scholarship Tips: Get Your College Tuition Paid

Scholarship Tips: Get Your College Tuition Paid
Posted on 02/13/2018
image of money and mortar boardDid you know that thousands of scholarships dollars that go unused each year? Do you know where to find these scholarships?

When looking for scholarships, the first place to start is the college or university you are planning to attend. Check to see if there are any scholarships in the department of your planned major, ask if there is a presidential scholarship and if you’re eligible, and see if there are any service or leadership scholarships. Check out all the possibilities!

Next, look into Naviance, which has college and scholarship information. If you log into Naviance go to the “Colleges” tab and then scroll down to “Scholarships & Money.” There you will find several links that may be helpful in your quest to find scholarships that are good for you.

Click on the “Scholarship Match” link, and it will create an initial list of scholarships that may suit you. Head back to “Scholarship List,” and you will see the full database of scholarships that Jeffco Public Schools maintains for students, which is updated weekly. You can browse by specific categories, such as your grade, your interests, or potential majors.

Take some time to research to see if the scholarship is a good fit for you. Every scholarship dollar can help – even if it’s only $1,000. So, spend some quality time researching scholarships and applying.

Pay attention to the scholarship requirements; some scholarships ask for an essay, others want a resume or letter of recommendation. Be sure you turn in all of the requirements and be aware of the application deadlines. It can be helpful to make a spreadsheet with the scholarships for which you’re applying, deadlines, and requirements to keep you organized and on track.

There are so many scholarships out there; scholarships for people with blue eyes, people who are left-handed, people who have asthma, or people with Italian heritage. Cast a wide net when you are searching for scholarships, but ultimately look for scholarships that are a good fit for you and for which you have a good chance of being awarded. Don’t waste your time on scholarships that you have no chance of winning. Focus your efforts.

There are a lot of other scholarship sites out there to explore including,,, Do your research and put the time into applying for scholarships and you will be on your way to paying for college.

There is money to be had, you just need to put in the time and focus on getting it! Good Luck!
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