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What is the Colorado READ Act? 

The Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (READ Act) was passed by the legislature in 2012 and focuses on early literacy learning to catch those students at risk of not reading on grade level by the end of third grade.

The READ Act requires that all kindergarten through third grade students are given an approved reading test that is used, along with other information, to determine if a student is performing well below grade level in reading. Jeffco elementary schools use DIBELS 8 & Lectura as the reading test, although some schools or special populations may use a different approved assessment that better meets their needs. 

The READ Act also mandates that all Kindergarten through grade 3 teachers meet certification requirements to teach reading and provides grant funds to districts to help support students not reading at grade level. 

In addition, districts must report to the state the literacy programming that each elementary school uses in grade kindergarten through third grade. To view this information, click the icon below to visit the Literacy Curriculum Transparency Dashboard. 

Please visit the Colorado Department of Education's website or review this reference page (Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian) for more information on the READ Act. 

What is a READ Plan?

If the DIBELS 8/Lectura test and other information shows that a kindergarten through third grade student is well below grade level, a READ plan is required to be created for the student.  Teachers should share DIBELS 8 & Lectura results at conferences for all students, but especially students on a READ plan. 

A READ plan must include the following:

  • Goals to help the student read on grade-level
  • How the student will be instructed to help meet those goals
  • An approved approved reading intervention (intensive reading program) in the areas that the student is struggling in
  • Regular checks for progress and updates to the plan as needed

Families are an important part of the READ plan process and are communicated with throughout the duration of the READ plan. 

 Students stay on a READ plan until they are able to read on grade level. Some students will stay on a READ plan past third grade and will still receive reading supports to help bring students to grade level. 

Family Resources

Families play an important role in helping students read at grade level. It is especially important that problems in reading are caught at an early age. If you have concerns about your child's reading abilities and want to know what you can do at home, please contact your child's teacher. 

Please visit the following links for helpful information:

Jeffco Summer of early learning (JSEL) 

Jeffco Summer of Early Learning (JSEL) is a summer program devoted to bringing our struggling readers to grade level.  Please visit the JSEL website for more information. 

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