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Technology in the Classroom

We want the best for our students, and today that means preparing them to live and work in a world full of technology. The following information will provide you with a snapshot about how Jeffco Public Schools is preparing students to be successful in the Digital Age.

“For the first time in history, we're preparing kids for a future that we cannot clearly describe.” - David Warlick

21st Century Classrooms

For Jeffco students to be prepared for college and careers, they must graduate from high school with a different set of skills and knowledge than was needed in the past. They must be able to use technology, collaborate with others and think critically. To accomplish this, Jeffco schools are using technology such as interactive whiteboards, online course content and response systems (clickers) to create classrooms that support the needs of the 21st century learner.

Thanks to voter-approved bond money, the district has developed a technology infrastructure to support tech-enabled learning. However, the IT world is changing so rapidly needs continue to increase.

iPads and Tablets

Many Jeffco schools are providing students with iPads or other tablets to support their learning. The goal is not just to give every child access to technology, but to enhance the way that they learn. There have been numerous studies that show when used appropriately, tablets can enhance education. They inspire creativity, provide access to online information and encourage self-directed learning and critical thinking. For schools that do not provide tablets, the district has a BYOD initiative – or “bring your own device,” to encourage the use of student-owned tablets and laptops in the classroom.

Online and Blended Classrooms

Jeffco's blended classrooms use online content with teacher-guided instruction. This approach keeps many students more engaged, it encourages critical thinking and exploration and it can provide individualized instruction depending on the student’s need. Students can take online tests to provide instant feedback about their progress. Jeffco Public Schools also offers the 21st Century Virtual Academy, an online seventh through 12th grade school.

Educational Technology Standards

What and how we teach Jeffco students about technology is not left to chance. Our curriculum has been developed based on the nationally recognized National Education Technology Standards (NETS) aligned with Colorado Academic Standards.

Technology Plan

Jeffco also has developed a Technology Plan to help ensure that all Jeffco students can be successful members of the digital world. The Technology Plan was created with the philosophy that technology is vital to teaching and learning and that it must be integrated throughout the Jeffco curriculum. The plan also helps to ensure that all Jeffco schools have access to technology.

Technology and Data Privacy Advisory Committee

The Technology and Data Privacy Advisory Committee (TDPAC) was created to advise the Board of Education on district technology strategies, systems and overall data governance. The committee will review the district’s technology plan considering alignment with instructional goals and opportunities for technology innovation. Additionally, district privacy policies and practices will be presented to the committee for advisement. The committee encourages continuous improvement of and fosters adherence to district policies, procedures and practices at all levels.


Mary Beth Bazzanella
Educational Technology

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