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Elementary Report Card

Jeffco elementary schools report progress three times each academic year, or roughly every 12 weeks: mid-November, early-March and at the end of the school year. The Elementary Report Card is a standards-referenced reporting tool. It is designed to provide:

  • Information to parents about how a child is progressing toward meeting the Colorado Academic Standards. Standards specify what all students should know, understand and be able to do.
  • A summary of how a child is developing life and workforce readiness skills.

To understand what students should be learning by grade level, please review the Curriculum Guides. This course of study is based on Colorado Academic Standards, developed by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). CDE has created parent guides to to the Colorado Academic Standards for kindergarten through 5th-grade.


The academic performance levels are as follows:

  • Exceeding Standards indicates that the student consistently exceeds grade-level academic standards and expectations
  • Meeting Standards indicates that the student consistently demonstrates grade-level academic standards and expectations
  • Progressing Toward Standard indicates that the student is working toward the grade-level academic standards and expectations, but has not been able to consistently demonstrate the learning
  • Lacking adequate progress toward standard indicates that the student consistently does not demonstrate grade-level academic standards and expectations
  • Incomplete / Insufficient Work indicates that the student has not completed sufficient work to demonstrate grade-level academic standards and expectations

The student learning attribute performance levels are as follows:

  • ED – Student Effectively Demonstrates attribute
  • MP – Student is Making Progress toward demonstration of attribute
  • ND - Student does Not Demonstrate attribute


Before making a determination regarding student's proficiency and marking it on the report card, teachers analyze a student's progress from multiple measures over the course of the reporting period. It is important to note that teachers have been reviewing the results of assessments and student work throughout the reporting period to determine next steps for instruction. The analysis for student proficiency noted on the report card is based on key pieces of evidence:

  • Collecting key samples of student work in a body of evidence.
  • Analyzing the entire body of evidence in comparison to grade level proficiency (as identified by the Colorado Department of Education and Jeffco Curriculum Alignment Project).

Sample elementary report cards are available below.


The Parent Guides to the elementary report cards for the 2023-2024 school year are below. Parent Guides are available in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Change in Report Card Communication

Based on feedback from schools, the elementary report card initiative started in the 21-22 school year will be paused to allow for better understanding of the tool and its impact on our schools and community.


For specific questions please contact your child's teacher or Renee Nicothodes in the Teaching and Learning Dept. at 303-982-9980.

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